Returning to Ananda

Returning to Ananda is an half hour, made for cable television, heartfelt, dramedy series.

Welcome to the picturesque, Iowa town in which Ananda grew up, the epicenter of the Transcendental Meditation Movement, Fairfield Iowa. You know, the Beatles guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi? Yes, him. In the pilot episode, Ananda(26), a rebellious artist who is incapable of commitment and always getting herself into trouble, reluctantly returns to this tiny town to introduce her six-year old daughter, Izzy, to her father and get her birth certificate signed so that she can stay in school.

When she gets there, Ananda is forced to reconcile who she really is as well, and in doing so finds that truly knowing yourself is more profound than you might think.

If you have ever lived in a small town and left for bigger and better dreams, if you have ever been touched by Eastern Philosophy and it’s changed your life, or have ever known anyone else who has ever been touched by it and it’s annoyed the crap out of you, if you have a family that drives you mad with love and stupidity and if you have ever said, “I will never turn out like my parents!”, then then be prepared to have your mind blown, your heart expanded, and your cheeks hurt from laughing in Returning to Ananda.

Sometimes your parents weren’t so off after all.